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A Plague Tale: Requiem: More graphics options on PC, 60fps on consoles

A Plague Tale: Requiem: More graphics options on PC, 60fps on consoles

Success title A Plague Tale: Requiem from last fall has now received a new update that gives the title a performance mode. You can look forward to improvements on PC as well as on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Focus Entertainment and Asobo Studio are taking the hit title A Plague Tale: Requiem to a new level. A new update was released today, which gives the action-adventure a new Performance mode; Starting next week, the cloud version of the switch should take advantage of this as well.

The emotional journey through the game’s medieval world, turned upside down by supernatural forces, will flow even more smoothly on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. In Performance mode, you can now look forward to 60 FPS support. If you use this option, you only reduce the other visual quality to a minimum – at least that’s what the developers promise. If you’re not up for it, you can also stick to the classic precision mode. However, in the new 60fps performance mode, the resolution is slightly reduced, but the gameplay is very smooth.

However, the update on PC offers the possibility to tweak graphic performance even further thanks to new options. Depending on your PC’s configuration, you can play here and try new options to get the most out of your PC and enjoy A Plague Tale: Requiem more visually.

Outside of these improvements, there are all kinds of bug fixes on all platforms – including the Xbox Series S – thanks to the update, so that the various bugs that still exist should be a thing of the past.

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A Plague Tale: Requiem – TGA 2022 Spotlight Trailer

The current top game, A Plague Tale: Requiem, has a new trailer at the Game Awards in Los Angeles.