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ChatGPT Competitor – Brand New Search and Chatbot Bard in 180 Countries: Google’s Great AI Counter

ChatGPT Competitor – Brand New Search and Chatbot Bard in 180 Countries: Google’s Great AI Counter

The video played before the official start really showed the way. Google had an artificial intelligence (AI) write a story, which was then visualized by the AI ​​and played to an AI-generated melody.

Not surprisingly, the grand opening of the I/O developer conference is all about artificial intelligence. A technology that Google has always pioneered. Until OpenAI suddenly unleashed its Chatbot ChatGPT on humanity at the end of last year.

After a brief shock, Google now wants to respond. And it is increasingly bringing artificial intelligence to almost all of its products.

Email responder

In the form of “Help me write” for example in the popular email service Gmail. With this, it will soon be possible to receive reply emails written by AI. And in different shapes and lengths. By destination and hubs. Google Maps is also getting a major update. Routes Comprehensive View is the name of the option that displays routes in the form of a scenic 3D preview. The service will initially be available in some major cities, including London and San Francisco.

forged the image

“Magic Editor” is the name of a new function for Google Photos. Where it should be a faking tool rather than a function. With just a few clicks, for example, balloons can be drawn on a cut-out picture or a cut-out of a park bench can be completed. The Weather can also be adapted at a glance and according to your wishes.

chat bot

PaLM 2 is the name of Google’s latest language-learning model, so to speak the official competitor to OpenAI’s GPT 4. Google’s outspoken ChatGPT competitor Bard now also works with PaLM 2. Bard is said to score particularly well with communication with other programs. The chatbot weaves directly with Gmail or Google Docs and, thanks to Adobe’s image creator, Firefly, becomes the artist itself.

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At the same time, Google also launches a “sales attack”. Bard is now available in English in 180 countries and will also be available in Japanese and Korean. Support for German and 39 other languages ​​will follow “soon”.

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The new task

This change will naturally affect most users by far. Google is completely redesigning its search, in which the elements of artificial intelligence play a central role. So that in the future you can use a search to directly and in detail compare two possible travel destinations, or get comprehensive advice on a consumer item of your choice.

How the planned change will be reflected in reality is still open. The Generative Research Experiment is only available in the United States at this time. And even there you can only be put on a waiting list in research laboratories.

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An example of a new Google search
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