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A record number of participants in the 3-country marathon –

A record number of participants in the 3-country marathon –


More than 6,000 runners registered for this year’s Tri-States Marathon on Sunday. This is a new record. In addition, 2,500 children participated in the Children’s Marathon held on Saturday.

Participants in this year’s Tri-Country Marathon don’t just come from Germany, Switzerland or Austria. The 42-kilometre race attracts athletes from nearly 50 countries. The 3 Country Marathon is an international race in which you run across three countries without a passport. Start at 10.30am in Lindau. Anyone who does not reach the finish line at Bregenz Arena within the allotted time will be picked up by the familiar broom cart and will be automatically disqualified.

Last year, Kenyan Kipkorir Benard set a new record. He covered a distance of 42.195 kilometers in two hours, nine minutes and twelve seconds. This year we are aiming to set a new course record again.

3- Al Bilad Marathon

From Lindau to St. Margareten and back to Bregenz

The road leads from Lindau (D) via Lochau, Bregenz, Hard, Fußach, Höchst to St. Margrethen (CH) and back via Hard to Bregenz. Every few kilometres, food and drink stations are set up for runners. There may be road closures on Sunday in the communities the road passes through. Viewers are therefore advised to use public transportation. 3-Country Marathon offers free vouchers for buses and trains throughout Vorarlberg.

An important marathon for the economy of Vorarlberg

Not only is this event a major sporting event in the region, but it is also paying off economically. Runners come to the marathon event in the tri-state region from nearly 50 countries, with 280 participants from the USA alone. Of course, they stay here longer and spend about 180 euros a day, says Dieter Heidegger from the organization’s team. “You get about three to three and a half million euros in pure added value, without participation fees,” says Heidegger.

A few years ago, the date was postponed to the second weekend of October so that there would be no conflict with German Unity Day on October 3. This allows hotels to improve occupancy in October.

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