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A Russian ministry bans employees from using Apple devices

A Russian ministry bans employees from using Apple devices

Njet is the future of iPhones in Russia – at least for government employees. The secret service accuses Apple of spying for the United States and tampering with devices accordingly. iPhone Group rejects these claims.

According to a media report, Russia’s Ministry of Digital Development has banned its employees from using Apple iPhones and iPads for work purposes. “A ban will be imposed on (Apple’s) mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – to access work applications and exchange work emails,” Interfax news agency reported on Friday. .

Chaadaev said that iPhones are allowed to be used for personal purposes. The ministry issued the ban two months after Russia’s domestic intelligence agency, the FSB, claimed that several thousand Apple devices had been tampered with for US espionage purposes. Apple denied these allegations.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russia has increasingly resisted the influence of foreign companies. In addition to Apple, the authorities have also targeted video telephony service provider Zoom and search engine operator Google.

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