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A Starfield player discovers the “planet Skyrim” with a river and fans immediately feel at home

A Starfield player discovers the “planet Skyrim” with a river and fans immediately feel at home

If it wasn’t for the guy in the Starfield suit, this could almost be a Skyrim screenshot.

Starfield features countless planets filled with different biomes, but very few rivers. But they are definitely in the game and you can see the proof here, among other things. As a very fun and funny bonus, this planet also looks like we would in Bethesda’s previous fantasy RPG Skyrim – much to the amusement of many fans.

“Good, you’re finally awake”: Starfield fans find a Skyrim planet with a rare river

This is what it’s about: Starfield has some handcrafted content that you’ll experience mainly during the main story. But there are also countless planets with random content. A wide range of set pieces can wait for you there, which include not only laboratories or starship landings, but also biomes, for example.

What about rivers? Since the launch of Starfield, there has been a persistent rumor that there will be no rivers in Starfield. Many fans have only seen lakes and oceans, which seem to be more common. But this is not true, there are certainly rivers, but they are rare.

On Reddit, a Starfield player shows off his discovery of the river. The person there writes, perhaps jokingly, that the game “accidentally generated a stream.” But most commentators don’t care about the river as much as they care about something else.

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Planet Skyrim: If you’re a Bethesda fan and played Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim years ago, the two images above should feel right at home and make you feel warm and nostalgic. Screenshots can be images that come directly from Skyrim.

Based on this, of course, many community members joke that a Starfield player ended up in Skyrim and it’s good that he finally woke up (referring to the beginning in Skyrim, of course).

Where can I find the planet? In the Naryon system, according to the author of the article, it is said to be the second planet as seen from the Sun. The site is located in a deciduous forest area and not far from the ocean.

Great ideas for mods, DLC or NG+: Of course, many fans also let their imaginations run wild and thought out loud about how cool it would be to step into the world of Skyrim within Starfield. Something like this is already conceivable as an alternative scenario for New Game Plus, but some mods will surely ensure that sooner or later.

What do you think of the visuals, flow, and look of Skyrim in Starfield? Have you ever seen rivers?