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A Starfield player flies 7 hours to a planet, even sets an alarm – and then is very disappointed

A Starfield player flies 7 hours to a planet, even sets an alarm – and then is very disappointed

Space travel does exist in Starfield, but only in a limited way.

There are over 1,000 planets in the space world of RPG Starfield, so there’s plenty for you to explore and discover. However, the focus of the game is on the surfaces of celestial bodies and less on the journey between them.

Senior developer Todd Howard already had that It was explained some time ago He said that a seamless journey from one planet to another was not possible in Starfield – unlike No Man’s Sky, for example.

Streamer Alana Pierce did On twitch However, they put themselves on the line and wanted to head to another planet with their spaceship. She chose Pluto as her destination and then let her spaceship fly in that direction. Since the whole thing happened overnight, she set an alarm every 30 minutes so she could course correct.

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Doll in space

After a full seven hours, she arrived at her destination – and was probably very disappointed. Because Pluto – and presumably all other visible planets in space – are not typical celestial bodies, but simply consist of a pixelated image through which Peirce was able to fly. However, the landing animation or something similar did not play upon arrival.

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A doll, that is, a “fake,” making it clear that Starfield, for all its titanic obsession, also has limits — which can be an unpleasant detail in the truest sense of the word. Traveling to other planets is certainly possible, but you shouldn’t expect much when you arrive.

Starfield was released on September 6, 2022 for Xbox Series

Do you wish you could fly from planet to planet in Starfield like in No Man’s Sky?