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Half of Android users are considering switching to iPhone

Half of Android users are considering switching to iPhone

One Current scan The American sales platform Sellcell has demonstrated this approximately Half of Android users It can turn into an iPhone. The reason for this is the change to USB-C portthe apple It must be done compulsorily.

Last year, the European Union stipulated that smartphones and tablets should be 2024 A unified connection must be used.

Compatibility with devices from other manufacturers

Specifically will 44 percent of Android users surveyed will buy an iPhone this year. also 63 percent of iPhone owners said they were considering buying a new Apple device because of the new port. The motivation for this is, among other things, to reduce the number of chargers required for iPhone, Mac and iPad as well Compatibility With devices from other manufacturers.

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In fact, Apple has been against this change for a long time. Among other things, for fear of increasing conformity with Android ecosystem It would make it easier for customers to move away from Apple. According to the survey, the company could actually benefit from this change.

The new USB-C port will be launched with the iPhone 15 September 12 foot. This will be available on the four new iPhone models as wellAirPods Pro Be available.

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