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ABB receives 2000 wall boxes for Austrian Post

ABB receives 2000 wall boxes for Austrian Post

The industrial group ABB, together with EWW Anlagentechnik, has equipped Austrian Post with approximately 2,000 AC wall boxes, which will be installed in more than 100 locations. Meanwhile, ABB appears to be pushing ahead with preparations for an IPO of its business with electric vehicle charging technology and electric buses.

But first to Austria: Austrian Post strives As mentioned It will offer last-mile zero-emissions delivery service by 2030 and intend to install more than 2,400 AC and DC charging points in more than 130 locations to power their fleets. Mobility House (TMH) is participating in the main project as a technology partner. Grant us the house of mobility in a guest post An insight into the company’s postal procedures and the importance of shipping and energy management as an essential component of the shipping infrastructure.

Wall boxes are ABB’s Terra-AC wall charging stations, which are also offered to private customers. According to ABB, the solution is characterized by “future flexibility and high operational reliability”. Charging stations can be managed and operated through the “ChargerSync” portal.

“Fleet electrification offers the greatest potential for reducing traffic emissions worldwide,” says Frank Mollon, Head of e-Mobility at ABB. “We are pleased to work with EWW Anlagentechnik to enable sustainable transportation solutions for Austrian Post and hope this will also motivate other fleet operators to switch to electric vehicles.”

Mollon’s e-mobility division may go public next year. According to Reuters, citing Insider, the rapidly growing division could be valued at about three billion US dollars (2.54 billion euros). ABB did not comment on the information to Reuters.

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ABB previously announced its plans to go public, but did not provide a timeline or rating. ABB CEO Bjorn Rosengren said in April that after the IPO, the group would likely retain a controlling stake that would help the unit make acquisitions.

The e-mobility division generated sales of 220 million US dollars in 2020, equivalent to 186 million euros. In the past five years, the business has grown at a rate of 50 percent. The department has 850 employees. (Austria), (initial public offering)