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Abuse case is allowed in the United States

Britain’s Prince Andrew has failed in an attempt to prevent an abuse case against him in a New York court. The request, which was not allowed, was rejected by irresponsible Judge Louis Kaplan. Citing the US media, the judge insisted in his judgment that no decision had been made on whether the allegations were true.

In civil proceedings, plaintiff Virginia Gufrey alleges that the son of British Queen Elizabeth II abused her when she was 17 years old. Andrew categorically denies these allegations.

Andrew’s lawyers argued in 2009 that the case should be settled immediately. Kiffre lost the right to sue with the settlement. Geoffrey agreed with Andrews’ friend, the now-deceased American multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, without making any further allegations against the “potential defendants” in connection with the abuse allegations against Epstein. In return, Giuffre received $ 500,000 – the equivalent of about 330,000 euros in November 2009.

Prince Andrew denies the allegations

QFress lawyer David Boyce argued that the solution should not be considered. This was done in Florida on the basis of specific allegations between Epstein and Kiefrey. Andrew did not fall within the jurisdiction of the Florida courts, and he misbehaved in other ways than what was mentioned in the Kaufry compromise. Therefore, out-of-court settlement is not valid.

Kiefrey accuses Andrew of repeatedly abusing himself after being mediated by Epstein. There has been no criminal investigation against Royal so far. The prince resigned from his public duties for the royal family in 2019 due to the allegations. Shortly before, he had tried to deny the allegations in a BBC interview, but could not believe it.

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