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According to ChatGPT, the following zodiac signs are best suited together:

According to ChatGPT, the following zodiac signs are best suited together:

Many jobs are threatened by artificial intelligence. Or it can be greatly simplified. That of astrologers is also included. ChatGPT has identified the most compatible zodiac signs.

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ChatGPT can also predict

AI has answers to many things. And it seems to be the case. Compatibility with zodiac sign. However, ChatGPT refuses to make a detailed statement about the star couples of 2024. The language model justifies this with one “a combination of different factors”. However, anyone who asks the free version of ChatGPT which zodiac signs match each other without year-specific specifications will receive an answer that a human zodiac sign translator can also provide.

These zodiac signs are clingy in relationships

Artificial intelligence is sure that it is not completely safe

“Hello! There are many different views on which zodiac signs are most compatible with each other. Some believe in compatibility based on Elements (fire, earth, air, water)While others focus on Star position Focus at birth. In the end, relationship compatibility depends on Many factors Not only by zodiac sign. It is important to focus on Individual characters And Needs Partners for building a healthy and happy relationship.”

This is the answer to the question. “Which zodiac signs are most suitable for each other?”Which everyone receives on ​​​​or via the application without any fees. A few minutes later, the same robot, a GPT-3.5 Turbo model, gave a slightly different answer: “There There is no scientific evidence Some zodiac signs fit together better than others. Compatibility in a relationship depends on Many factors Including the personalities, values, and life goals of the people involved. It is important to focus on the individual characteristics and needs of each partner in order to build a healthy and happy relationship.”

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These zodiac signs are most compatible with each other

It's not that easy with towers, not even for AI. If you persist, you will receive some concrete data, regardless of the year. Accordingly, the signs of the zodiac fit together better because they have the following communication characteristics.

CapricornAccording to artificial intelligence, Capricorns are best attuned to… Virgins And BullsBecause it combines characteristics such as stability, realism and a practical way of thinking.

Aquarius: Aquarius gets along better Measurements And twinsIt combines intellectual curiosity, social skills and communication skills.

Fish: According to Amnesty International, fish get along well. crab And Scorpionstwo other water signs. It combines emotional depth, sensitivity, and an intuitive nature.

Aries: Artificial intelligence will accompany Aries the black And Protect The couple because they all have the interconnected elements of passion, energy and a sense of adventure.

AI arguments repeat themselves

Bulls: This is where AI becomes monosyllabic. It makes for an ideal partner. Virgins And Capricorn The elements (stability, realism, and practical way of thinking) that I already mentioned are repeated with Capricorn.

Gemini: Here again: size And Aquarius They are “drawn” with the same characteristics (intellectual curiosity, sociable disposition, and communication skills) that are listed in Aquarius.

Cancer: It's no surprise here either: Scorpions And Fish They can become the “perfect match” for Cancerians because they all exude emotional depth, sensitivity and caring.

Leo: “As an AI assistant, I can tell you that lions are the best with it Protect And Aries Coordination. These signs share similar characteristics such as passion, adventure and optimism, which fit well with the characteristics of Leo,” the AI ​​answers. This fits with what was already said under the heading “Aries.”

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Artificial intelligence does not form dream dyads, but dream triplets

Virgo: “Realistic, reliable, practical way of thinking” – yes, this sounds familiar. And so, according to Amnesty International: Virgo partners will be Bulls or Capricorn.

Libra: There are no contradictions here either, but there is a wonderful logical agreement: Libra is the best Mermaid or twins. Because, just like their “partner zodiac signs”: intellectual curiosity, communication skills and sociability.

Scorpio: According to artificial intelligence, Scorpios are the best people to match with. crab And fishingjust as previously noted with other water signs. There is a minimum of difference in the unifying characteristics: here emotional depth, intensity, and empathy.

Sagittarius: A direct reciprocal strike here as well. Match with shooters the black or AriesThis is due to “adventure, enthusiasm and optimism”.

'Many Other Factors': AI Puts Itself in Perspective

For one Quick superficial query AI can help you match zodiac signs. But not much more than that – she says herself: “However, it is important to note that zodiac sign compatibility Only one side “Relationship and many other factors can play a role,” is ChatGPT’s qualifying comment.

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