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According to Nintendo, Tears of the Kingdom should change the gaming world

According to Nintendo, Tears of the Kingdom should change the gaming world

The video game title that aims to change the world will be released in a few weeks


After several bouts The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears It finally appears on 05/12/2023. A date shouldn’t be just another big date The Legend of Zelda produces titles, but the way they play should change the gaming world. At least not for the long termzelda-project AG Onoma.

Kingdom Tears has already won an award

Thanks for the attentive Japanese Twitter user name Genki_JPN Some of the data was from zelda heavy weight in Famitsu game Awards Awards that won the award for “Most Anticipated Video Game” at the time. The user has this in kit Tweets Quotes, which were later deleted. the page Nintendo life However, this was fast enough Tweets Memorizes.

Product sayings

statement from Onoma That was in the sequel The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The complete imagination of gamers knows no bounds and this leads to changes in terms of gameplay that will change the gaming world. Another statement is that he hopes to pleasantly surprise everyone and the country Hyrule in unknown condition.

Another Nintendo Direct

The statements are not surprising, as they are consistent with the physical image shown so far. Recently also from Onoma foot Nintendo direct video He showed in a gameplay video in just 10 minutes how much you can combine useless items and make them useful in the most creative way.

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Hot coals in the fire

After several trailers at very wide intervals due to numerous delays, The Nintendo Now hot coals in the fire. Finally, nothing The Legend of Zelda The title worked for a long time. So the expectations breathing to the Wild Very high successor. The predecessor was actually to Nintendo wee u It was developed and at the same time became a launch title for Nintendo keys. Now we’re curious what Nintendo From the first big The Legend of Zelda Title Nintendo keys will do magic. We’ve just heard and seen a little bit of expectation from the developers.

sources: nintendolife.comAnd via Genki_JPN