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The Witcher 4: More efficient production thanks to Unreal Engine 5

The Witcher 4: More efficient production thanks to Unreal Engine 5

It’s no secret anymore that CD Projekt RED is working on a new Witcher trilogy. However, on an investor call, the studio head commented on switching to Unreal Engine 5.

We know a new The Witcher is in the works. Dubbed Project Polaris, it’s set to be the start of a new trilogy, though of course we don’t know yet what it’s all about and who the main character will be this time around. What is certain, however, is that CD Projekt RED has trashed its internal RED Engine and switched to Unreal Engine 5, which Cyberpunk 2077’s problems certainly aren’t entirely minor.

On a call with investors, CDPR President Adam Kisinski has now commented in more detail on the engine change and is optimistic about the future. Accordingly, the studio is currently busy getting used to and getting used to the new engine. He expects that the development time will not necessarily be accelerated by the new engine, but that the development itself should be smoother. This is also one of the reasons why the plan is to publish the new trilogy in a period of “only” six years.

“We’re preparing things on the pipeline side and on the toolkit side. Some developers are still in the process of doing [Unreal Engine 5]Technology Meanwhile, there are teams working with Epic on all aspects needed for our open world and story-driven RPGs,” he told Wccftech. [unser] The first project, Polaris, will…it might not slow him down, but it will [Entwicklungs-]Do not speed up the processes. But for the next projects, we expect this to make production easier. That’s one of the reasons we’ve said we want to release three big Witcher games in six years, starting with Polaris’ release, which is The Witcher 4.”

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The studio had already confirmed last year that a larger team was already working on pre-production and that Unreal Engine 5 was expected to significantly improve development efficiency. So you can be curious. Studio partner Fool’s Theory, who is currently working on the first remake of The Witcher, is already using Unreal Engine 5. However, the remake will likely only appear after the release of Project Polaris aka The Witcher 4.

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