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Adele Neuhauser on beauty ideals: 'Suddenly many women look alike'

Adele Neuhauser on beauty ideals: ‘Suddenly many women look alike’

Neuhauser has nothing to do with such exaggerated beauty. The actress said, “I don’t want to criticize someone who feels they should have surgery. But it makes me sad. So much individuality has been lost. I see a lot of women who suddenly look the same.” The picture-to interview.

She herself has never been under the knife. “No. I don’t like operations very much. I avoid everything with doctors and hospitals and operating tables that I can avoid. Especially because I know plastic surgery doesn’t really change anything. It only changes for a while.” And then it will be necessary again and again – again and again. Let’s put it this way: we are all prone to decay. Or wait: we’re fading! That might sound nicer. “

Neuhauser loves to be a grandmother

Although she is as absurd as many others, she likes to manage everything with little effort. There are other things that are more important to her, such as her family, and especially her granddaughter who loves to call her a grandmother.

“I’ve won the title for myself. I’m not one of those women who wants to address their grandchildren by their first names so they grow younger. Interestingly enough, my son calls me Adele. Teach him to call me Mom he has Dad and unfortunately I missed that.”

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