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Freedom Road - Nocfern

Freedom Road – Nocfern

When DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT announces a new album, when I’m already thinking about the upcoming review and gathering my first thoughts, I often feel uneasy and unhappy that I can’t do justice to the end result in writing. It is very difficult for me to pinpoint exactly why this happened, but if I had to give reasons without thinking much, well-researched texts and inherent technical pretension would always be first. And also in Würzburger’s forthcoming fifth work, “Nocfern‘ Nothing changes about that kind of different expectation, no, it just intensified during the first rounds.

The way to freedom still seems like a way to freedom, and yet it is different.”Nocfern“from his predecessor”Finister“By presenting a broader spectrum. You could even say that everything, that is, all the stylistic and atmospheric aspects that the quartet has demonstrated in studio albums (EPs) and studio albums to date, is there.”Nocfern“This, by the way, culminates in what the artwork so wonderfully depicts – with additional frankly avant-garde surprises. However, the faster tangible difference is clearly the feelings conveyed between the often aggressive people”Finister“and the dreamer”Nocfern“Obviously. Of course, there is still a confrontational blow.”Set up“,”on the edge of darkness” And “morning“) or with “against light“Immersed in Melodic Black Metal, but the dreary mood in nearly every piece is intensified either by post-rock harmony or by dreamy shoga-like sequences (“Haven”) even brighter.

The moments of big surprise I already mentioned are just the final moment.”Haven“Flying away from the pure, distorted sounds of forgotten melodies, but also privately”everlasting‘, by which DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT with THE DEVIL’S TRADE singer Dávid György Makó hit the reset button in the middle of the album.everlasting“Dark, relaxed folk sentiments unite with the Black Metal worm, which hardly looks more contrast. But as is often the case with experiments, you can argue about it privately.everlasting“Quickly convinced, in the course of the entire album I still feel a bit torn from the lane the earlier tracks send me down, though I’d have preferred to continue to follow it with the same enthusiasm and stubbornness. Of course, that would follow too.”everlasting“To some extent, the internal logic of the concept, but I still had difficulties with the placement, at least at the time of submitting the review.

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This in turn certainly has an impact on the final evaluation, but is not particularly extensive, because: “Nocfern“Despite this slight shortcoming, which, as I said, feels completely subjective, it is a wonderful work depicting a path of freedom that has matured in all relevant areas and which now, with all his artistic self-confidence, legitimately wanted to try something. Note sensational emotional profiles onNocfern“The interplay between fragility and madness remains constant, and will of course enrich the coming fall and winter days and dark hours.