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Rohrau – The start of the season in the Haydn district of Lower Austria

Rohrau – The start of the season in the Haydn district of Lower Austria

Last Saturday, the museum in Haydn’s hometown opened its doors again, and the next day Haydn’s district in Lower Austria also kicked off its 2023 concert season there. Trips to England. And in the evening there was an unforgettable concert “The Hayden Hyland Experience”. Wolfgang Brunner, founder of the “Salzburger Hofmusik” took a seat at the show of Haydn’s home masterpiece – a piano said to have been played by Joseph Haydn – to play Haydn pure, so to speak, with fellow famous musicians Florian Moser (violin) and Marius Malanici (violoncello).

In addition to a selection of Haydn’s ‘Scottish Songs’, sung with great charm and sympathy by award-winning young Salzburg soprano Mariana Herzig, the program also included sonatas by French violinist and composer François-Hippolyte Barthélemon and his daughter. Cecilia Maria. – works that, according to Brunner, “have never been played in the 21st and 22nd centuries”. The connection with Haydn: Haydn met the Barteleimon family, who lived in London, during his first trip to England. She dedicated some of her works to the famous guest from Austria.

Finally, Albin Paulus and his bagpipes create additional Scottish ambiance in Haydn’s yard and on stage. Paulus, who has been lauded the world over as a virtuoso on the jewish harp and who has won a number of international awards with his world class music group Hotel Palindrone, completed an exciting evening of music that audiences will remember for a long time.