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After a major scandal: Austrian house kicker receives a ban on the monster!  - Bundesliga

After a major scandal: Austrian house kicker receives a ban on the monster! – Bundesliga

An Austrian football player received an incredible ban: Rashid Arsanokayev of the Victoria Bregenz 1B team was banned from the Sanctions, Control and Reporting Committee (STRUMA) of the Vorarlberg Football Association for 48 matches. The Russian caused quite a stir in a fourth-tier match on September 11.

Headbutt according to the traffic light map

What exactly happened Rashid Arsanokayev proposes a header in his side’s away match against SPG Göfis / Satteins 1b shortly before the final whistle. Since the native Russian had seen yellow before, referee Romano Giovanni showed him a traffic light card.

The 28-year-old couldn’t do anything with the referee’s explanation that even trying to commit this offense was punishing and dreading. “I will show you what is being punished,” cried Arsanukayev, breaking the nose bone of one of the opponents with a head kick. Surgery was performed on the injured on Wednesday and the culprit was reported.

“Victoria is in favor of the merger, but of course we cannot afford such incidents. We have excluded Arkanosev from our club,” said Victoria Prigens president Christian Gogo. Cronin newspaper Quoted. “We have notified the federations surrounding the suspension of Arkanosev and we want to prevent that, as a newly registered player, he can bypass the suspension and kick again somewhere,” explains Horst Elsner, Vorarlberg FA general manager.

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From Ligaportal, Photo: Richard Purgstaller

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