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After Heidi’s bitter reaction to Lenara’s exit: Now the curvy model is talking

After Heidi’s bitter reaction to Lenara’s exit: Now the curvy model is talking

At GNTM, Lenara’s curvy model left voluntarily, which Heidi Klum wasn’t excited about. Now Lenara comments on the events.

at Next Topmodel in Germany Get strong again this season about diversity. In addition to significantly older candidates and participants who do not meet the usual size requirements for models, the curvy Lenara (24) model also stood out.

On the February 24, 2022 episode, there was a surprise. Because Lenara, who started the show with a strong self-confidence and desire to become a star, left GNTM voluntarily. One reason is what Lenara calls the “negative group energy” she blames Noella for. So announced Heidi Klum (48): “I just don’t feel comfortable anymore. Why should I be unhappy here when I can be happy at home with my fiancé?”

In the video above, you can watch Heidi Klum’s romantic anniversaries.

GNTM filter: ‘I’m not giving up’

The exit of the 24-year-old did not meet the enthusiasm of the model mother, she was upset: “In Athens you told me that you were a born star and now you want to give up just because Someone else is telling things? ”

A few days later, Lenara commented again on Instagram about her exit and would like to clarify a few things. In a long video clip on her account, she confirmed that she is “not upset” and has no problem staying away from her family and traveling. But she did note that GNTM wasn’t as big of a dream for her as she had always thought and that the experience with coordination wasn’t what she had imagined – which had nothing to do with the team. But the lack of contact with loved ones at home, stressful situations during the filming, the daily transgression of one’s own comfort zone – all this weighed heavily on her.

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Maybe Noella was just a drop in the bucket.

Curvy model Lenara: ‘I only wish Noëlla the best’

Lenara further explains that she wanted to post a message on GNTM. A message for more self-love – and she wanted to inspire others through her performance. In her view, the confrontation with Noella would not have fit this message of self-love.

What you also haven’t seen on TV: During Lenara’s conversation with Heidi Klum, she also said, “I wish Noela all the best” and even gave her a win in the current season. But after GNTM only noticed but it wasn’t her dream, “she decided for me”.

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