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After Cara, Fountas: Why the fast stars end up in America

Why can Washington pay so much?

In it, there is a “salary cap”: the entire team will not spend more than $ 4.9 million a year. However, each MLS club is allowed to have up to three “designated players” on the team, with no limit – Cara is also a “star player”. Future billionaire Fountas should think of a gift for Didi K├╝hbauer: As SKN coach, he brought the then unemployed striker to St Bolton, and in the spring of 2019, fulfilled his commitment at Rapid against internal opposition.

Foundas scored 45 goals and 19 assists in 90 games. Current DC goal-scorer Ola Camara has lost in Austria, but has scored 74 goals in 143 games in the MLS.

Unlike in Austria, why is the right salary generally known?

Because they have to be reported to the league anyway. In Freely accessible MLS database All players’ salaries are saved. For example, Robert Perrick had a total income guarantee of $ 2.7 million in Chicago and was taxed lower than in Austria. It also explains why a 30-year-old looking for a club would not return to Rapid.

Why do American clubs find what they are looking for in Rapid?

Due to the year-round championship, the main transfer period runs: clubs strengthen themselves during the season, which starts in a month. The Bundesliga has established itself in the top ten in Europe, but is still considered the cheapest (except Salzburg).

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