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After entering the NFT comes the cloud

After entering the NFT comes the cloud

With Scaler, Ubisoft has introduced a new cloud technology that will be used in various games in the future. Some phrases also refer to the plans of the Metaverse.

Ubisoft took care of that today announcement by Ubisoft Scalar. This is a cloud-based game development technology intended to be interwoven with the publisher’s game engines. This may reduce “player hardware dependence”.

Ubisoft Scaler was created under the leadership of Ubisoft Stockholm and developed in collaboration with Ubisoft studios in Malmö (Ubisoft Massive), Helsinki (Ubisoft Redlynx), Bucharest and Kiev. The goal is to create a new structure for game development focused on enabling “perfect game designs and experiences”.

“Ubisoft Scalar is built on a microservices architecture that independently moves every component and system from traditional game engines to the cloud (artificial intelligence, sound, physics…). This will move from today’s closed single processor systems to a decentralized model that includes an unlimited number of hardware,” according to Ubisoft.

According to the French publisher, games using Ubisoft Scaler “can use virtually unlimited computing power to overcome previous limitations in all aspects.” In this context, Ubisoft promises “massive virtual worlds that deliver ultra-realistic environments and simulations”. This approach brings back memories of “Crackdown 3”,

Ubisoft’s foray into metaverses?

Ubisoft caught its eye a few months ago with an NFT push. In this regard, the company announced in December quartz in A platform through which Ubisoft’s NFTs are managed. Players’ reactions were rather negative, but other publishers and developers soon followed suit.

NFTs are said to be primarily used in the Metaverse plans of the big tech giants. But Ubisoft Scaler also appears to be heading in that direction. In the context of today’s press release, the publisher spoke of the fact that thanks to “common platforms and scalable systems, millions of people can gather in one common virtual environment” to “play new types of games and create a giant shared gaming experience.”

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She continues: “With cloud-accelerated systems, game worlds also reach a new level of persistence, where users’ actions can have an immediate and lasting impact on their surroundings, opening up new possibilities for gameplay.”

This sounds a bit like the Metaverse, even if Ubisoft avoids that term.

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Ultimately, Ubisoft Scalar will be gradually made available to all Ubisoft studios whose projects require cloud capabilities. Ubisoft Stockholm itself is already actively working on a new IP. According to the publisher, this exploits “the full potential of delivering a gaming experience on an unprecedented scale”. More details will follow later.

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