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Android 13 brings big changes to notifications

Android 13 brings big changes to notifications

With the second developer preview of Android 13 There are major innovations in terms of notifications, As Google announces in a blog entry. While notifications from apps are currently still allowed by default, future users will first have to give their consent before apps running on Android 13 can send notifications for the first time.

A popup with the “allow” and “disallow” options appears on the mobile screen.

Android 13 beta is scheduled to arrive in April

Another new feature of the second developer preview is the improved display of non-Latin fonts such as Japanese or Burmese. Android 13 also gets support from Bluetooth Low Energy (LE)Android13 also provides support for version 1 rendering of COLR, which improves your typing style.[تسمىيوفرAndroid13أيضًادعمتقديمالإصدار1منCOLR،والذييعملعلىتحسينأسلوبالكتابة

MIDI 2.0 is also supported, providing higher resolutions for USB devices, among other things.

The second developer preview for Pixel phones from Pixel 4 We hope you enjoy this show. The first beta versions of Android 13 will also be released from April, with the final version due in fall 2022.

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