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After Nord Stream 1: Sweden wants to avoid the financial crisis

After Nord Stream 1: Sweden wants to avoid the financial crisis

The Swedish Prime Minister announced government assistance to the energy sector, estimated at billions.

After closing the gas pipeline wants Nord Stream 1 Sweden Avoiding a financial crisis with billions of state aid to the energy sector. first Minister Magdalena Anderson He announced that the government would provide hundreds of billions of kronor in liquidity guarantees to energy companies. This is equivalent to tens of billions of euros.

“If we don’t act, there is a serious risk of disruption to the financial system, which at worst could lead to a financial crisis,” Anderson said. “put it in He wants to split, but our message is clear: It won’t work.” Sweden A new parliament will be elected on September 11th. The election campaign is determined by rising energy prices, rising inflation, and economic deflation.

Russia’s state-owned Gazprom said on Friday that after maintenance work, Nord Stream 1 deliveries could not resume on Saturday as planned. The reason is an oil leak in a gas turbine. In Germany, the Federal Network Agency and the turbine manufacturer disagree Siemens Energy. the form Gazprom An identified defect is not a cause for business interruption. The Nord Stream 1 Baltic Sea pipeline, which runs from Russia to Germany, is one of the most important lines of gas supply to Europe. Western countries have accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of creating pretexts to respond to Western economic sanctions in the wake of Russia’s attack on Ukraine.


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