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After statements about NATO: The US President strongly criticizes Trump

After statements about NATO: The US President strongly criticizes Trump

US President Joe Biden took harsh measures against his predecessor.

No more solidarity between the US alliance and NATO countries that spend too little on defense. Former US President Donald Trump sparked strong reactions. US President Joe Biden has now criticized his predecessor's statements in sharp words. “This is stupid, this is shameful, this is dangerous, and this is un-American,” Biden said of Trump’s announcement that he would not provide protection from Russia to NATO partners who do not meet their financial obligations.

Agricultural training will be standardized

Agricultural training, previously regulated in nine state laws, will be standardized throughout Austria under the Federal Law on Intra-Company Apprenticeships in Agriculture and Forestry. There must be financial support for the training of master craftsmen and the master craftsman exam itself will be free retroactively from 1 January 2024.

Signa: Luxury real estate sales in Vienna and Innsbruck

As part of the restructuring process under self-administration, the stake in Signa Prime Assets GmbH will now be sold, the insolvency administrator said. Norbert Appel with. This is part of it Park Hyattthe Golden district And constructive Constitutional Court of Vienna And In Innsbruck Tirol store. The shopping center is planned to be built on Mariahilfer Straße “Lamar” Currently completed. It is currently unclear what will happen to Signa's other properties in Vienna.

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