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The Pope condemns food waste as cruel

The Pope condemns food waste as cruel

Francis criticizes food waste in clear terms. “On the one hand, millions of people suffer from hunger, and on the other hand, food is wasted with great insensitivity,” the Pope wrote in a tribute to the International Fund for Agricultural Development published on its website. Wednesday.

Francis points out that wasted food also produces a large amount of greenhouse gases. Rural communities are often the first to suffer from climate change and economic crises. Indigenous peoples will become victims of deprivation and abuse, even though their knowledge of natural resource management and their connection to the environment can contribute to biodiversity.

According to Francis, women, who are an important source of support in more than half of food-insecure families in rural areas, are also being ignored. Many young people from these families lack training and opportunities. The Pope calls for action and calls for a comprehensive agricultural and food system.


The International Fund for Agricultural Development is a specialized agency of the United Nations established in Rome in 1977. The international financial institution is now active in 96 countries and implements about 210 actions, mostly in Africa. The goals include food security and combating poverty in rural areas. The Fund's Board of Governors is currently meeting. The head of the organization is Spanish economist Alvaro Lario.

(KNA/Vatican News – MG)

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