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After the first place in Germany: Udo Jürgens’ album also hit the top in Austria

More than nine years ago, Udo Jürgens, perhaps the world’s most famous artist in Klagenfurt, died unexpectedly in Switzerland. A new album with his music was released on December 16th, and after hitting number one in Germany, it has now climbed to the top of the charts in Austria.

Carinthia. Jürgen Udo Böckelmann was born in Klagenfurt in 1934 and raised in his parents’ castle in Ottmannach in Magdalensburg. At the Tanzcafe Lerch in downtown Klagenfurt, he regularly played full-length programs while still studying at the State Conservatory. His international career began with the victory of the song contest (then known as the “Grand Prix de la Chanson”) in 1966.

Posthumous declaration of love

During his lifetime he sold more than 100 million records. The fact that countless Udo Jürgens fans have been surprised by a new posthumous album is very positive. “Da Capo – Stations of a World Career” has already reached number one in the album charts in Germany two weeks ago, and now it’s time in Austria too – a true declaration of love on the part of the fans.

61 unreleased songs

The album, which is available in stores for around €20, contains a total of 61 previously unreleased songs on three CDs. Surprise: even the jazz vocals of Udo Jürgens can be heard on it. But you can also hear him duet with his daughter, Jenny, on “Da Capo.”

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