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Dieter Bohlen: “I pray every day”

Dieter Bohlen: “I pray every day”

Dieter Bohlen is a devout Christian

RTL talent scout Dieter Bohlen (68) is, in his own words, a devout Christian. “I am a Protestant and I pray every day. I rarely go to church, but if I get the chance I love it,” Bohlin said in an interview with RTL television station published on Wednesday. “I’ve been to church in all the great capitals of the world and prayed. In Hetfield, that’s the next village from here, and there’s also a very old church, and I love going there.”

Bohlin also likes that the family prays daily at breakfast and “I can’t sleep without praying.” For him, it was a kind of humility and gratitude. “I am not one of those people who pray to God when they feel bad.” The opposite is true: “When I feel my best, I pray almost as long as I can. Because I feel the need to say thank you. I know that I am allowed to live in an incredibly privileged position, whether in a safe and rich country, in a safe and rich city.” I’m fine myself, I’ve got healthy kids, and I’ve got an amazing wife. If you’re not grateful for that, you should get someone in the head with a cudgel.”