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Biography of Prince Harry accidentally sold earlier in Spain

Biography of Prince Harry accidentally sold earlier in Spain

Prince Harry’s memoirs were supposed to be published on January 10th. In Spain, you can already find it in the shop window of a bookstore chain. A glitch exploited by the British media.

The long-awaited autobiography of Britain’s Prince Harry was mistakenly put up for sale in Spain on Thursday, according to British media. In fact, the book shouldn’t come out until January 10th. According to their own statements, several British media houses managed to get a Spanish-language version in Spain five days before the official release.

It was published by the Spanish magazine “Hola”. There was initially no reaction from publisher Penguin Random House to the reports. British news channel Sky News It reported that the books were available in the windows of a major bookstore chain in Spain on Thursday and were “hastily removed after the error was discovered”.

Spicy details are known in advance

Details from the book have already become known. US broadcaster ABC, in which Harry gave one of the many interviews before it was published, reported Thursday that Harry was referring to his brother. Prince William In it “beloved brother” and “enemies”. In an excerpt from the interview that was circulated in advance, Harry explained: “It’s strange that there’s always been this competition between us.” The ones described in the book are particularly interesting Physical assault by Prince William on his younger brotherdominated the British newspapers of the day, but also serious newspapers such asGuardians“.