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After the hurricanes: Biden promises help

After the hurricanes: Biden promises help

After devastating tornadoes in Kentucky, which resulted in dozens of deaths, US President Joe Biden promised the state and the affected local residents all possible government assistance. He will do whatever he can to help rebuild — and Biden promised Wednesday during his visit to the disaster zone, for as long as necessary. The scale of the destruction is “almost unbelievable”.

“Those hurricanes devoured everything in their path,” Biden said. “They will recover and rebuild,” he added, addressing residents of Dawson Springs.

Biden announced that the federal government in Kentucky will bear the full cost of rescue work, debris removal, and emergency rescues for a month. He had earlier promised the southeastern state to cover costs at 75 per cent. Biden confirmed that the disaster agency is ready to assist the affected population.

Just before that, Biden had also visited the particularly affected town of Mayfield. See the many damaged or completely destroyed homes there and talk to the locals on a tour. He said he came to listen and make sure the local authorities had all the help available. Biden warned that rebuilding would take a long time. We will not go away. I promise the federal government will be involved until this is rebuilt. Before that, Biden flew over the disaster area to get an aerial picture of the situation.

Hurricanes wreaked havoc Saturday night. More than 70 people were killed in Kentucky alone, and dozens were still missing on Wednesday.