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You’ll never age again: Victoria Beckham admits to having expensive plastic surgery

You’ll never age again: Victoria Beckham admits to having expensive plastic surgery

Victoria Beckham She gives an insight into one of the latest beauty treatments she’s done on Instagram. She underwent a special laser skin treatment that was loud daily Mail It can cost up to £2,000 per session.

Victoria Beckham is trying out a new laser method

The British fashion designer announced on Saturday that she had recently undergone a skin resurfacing procedure at Javami Plastic Surgery Hospital in Los Angeles.

In translation, it means something like “resurfacing of the skin.” This is a treatment in which skin folds are removed from the face by applying a laser, and the skin is tightened and the color is unified.

David Beckham’s wife is very open about her laser surgery. In a video she uploaded to social media, she talks to Dr. Ghavami about her non-surgical treatment. Thanks to the non-invasive procedure, he assures, “you literally won’t get old.”

“I mean, we’re not just trying to turn back the clock, we’re stopping it now,” the plastic surgeon told Beckham. “So you literally won’t age anymore.”

Elsewhere in the video, Victoria Beckham shares that she has had 500nm and 2000nm laser treatments on her skin to rejuvenate and tighten it. Dr. Ghavami also reveals that he has the ex-singer a mix of A treatment in which the surface of the skin is lightly injured to rejuvenate it and a light therapy to target red tones and pigments.

“Victoria is what we’d call a great canvas to begin with—she has great bone structure and skin,” says the British plastic surgeon in Rosen’s video. “First it rolls the skin over it and stretches it over the bone structure.”

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The doctor promises that “if you remove it with a laser or if you do a treatment that tightens this collagen, it almost strengthens it. It will have a very strong effect without much effort.”

Meanwhile, Victoria gushes that she’s so impressed with her first laser treatment that she wants more besides the radiofrequency treatment. “The way I took care of my skin after my last treatment, it’s never been so good. That’s why I said I want to do more now,” she says in the clip.

Whether the expensive treatment delivers what the doctor promised will only be seen when Victoria Beckham actually remains wrinkle-free.