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Nach Beats Fit Pro-Start: Beats Solo Pro und Powerbeats werden abgekündigt

After the start of Beats Fit Pro: Beats Solo Pro and Powerbeats will be discontinued

An apple Messing with its headphones: After the new Beats Fit Pro was recently introduced—even if we don’t have it yet—some older models are dropping out of the lineup. Some of them are already a few years under their belt.

Apple is cleaning up its wallet of TWS headphones. The company recently stopped selling several products from the Beats family, as vigilant observers of the Twitter SMS service first noticed.

For example, the original 3rd generation Powerbeats are no longer available. Who’s Right Now product page calls, he just receives a simple error message about a product not found. The more expensive Beats Solo Pro is no longer sold, and Apple Beats EP has been taken out of its range.
It is no longer recommended to buy a new model of these models, as they are clearly outdated.

New beats are coming, old models are disappearing

Older models will disappear from the lineup at the same time as the new Beats Fit Pro launch device. Apple recently launched this new sport version of AirPods Pro, but it is currently only sold in the US. We have the most important specifications of Beats Fit Pro in This message summarizes you.

Apple is likely to roll out the new models in other major markets next year, with a start in Germany in the spring of 2022.

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