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Microsoft expands distribution of Windows 11

After a manual search, more users will receive the upgrade via Windows Update. Microsoft makes the selection with the help of machine learning. According to AdDuplex, so far, only 4.8 percent of users have taken the opportunity to switch to Windows 11.

Microsoft owns the Windows 10 operating system expandedwho are currently offered Windows 11 as a free upgrade via Windows Update. “Windows 11 availability has increased, and we are using our latest machine learning model to deliver the upgrade to more devices,” Microsoft announced on the Windows 11 Health Dashboard.

However, there is currently no automatic distribution of Windows 11. Users must manually check for updates via Windows Update to receive the new operating system. So the circle of users who want to switch from Windows 10 to Windows 11 in this way has only been expanded.

However, Microsoft mainly recommends all users whose devices meet the minimum hardware requirements to upgrade. This is the only way they can access the “latest features and advanced protection against security threats”.

In order for users to check if their system is suitable for Windows 11, Microsoft offers PC Health Check for Windows 10 version 2004. It shows whether all requirements such as 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage and Secure Boot DirectX 12 and Trusted Platform Module 2.0 are available. The latter may be built into newer processors than eTPM.

In particular, computers built in 2018 and earlier may not be suitable for switching to Windows 11. So it is expected that Windows 11 will spread slowly. According to figures from AdDuplex, which is based only on about 60,000 Windows PCs, by the beginning of last week, only 4.8 percent of users had switched their PCs to Windows 11.

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This small percentage is also due to Microsoft’s offering. According to the software company, the new OS will not be delivered to devices via Windows Update unless it can be assumed that the upgrade will not lead to compatibility issues. However, users can bypass Microsoft’s machine learning algorithm “at their own risk” and download the installation wizard for Windows 11 from Microsoft’s website. This method is also for users who want to completely reinstall Windows 11 instead of upgrading.