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After the Sussexes are evicted: Will Kate and William move in again?

After the Sussexes are evicted: Will Kate and William move in again?

Some members of the British royal family are about to face major changes. Charles III Established, Megan And Harry Banned from their British home, Frogmore Cottage. The couple, who live in the US, have until early summer to pack up and say goodbye to their second home in Great Britain. also Prince Andrew He will likely say goodbye to the luxurious royal lodge he was staying at with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson Live. Andrew is said to be ready to move to the more modest Frogmore Cottage instead of Sussexes. A royal expert believed that the innovations Charles decided on would be the same Prince William And Princess Kate can directly affect.

Are William and Kate moving in, too?

The family lived only in what is called Adelaide Cottage, which is on the former Windsor estate of the deceased in September, for six months Queen Elizabeth II Located. The Prince and Princess of Wales may face another transition into a royal estate after vacating Harry and Meghan’s Frogmore country home – having recently left Kensington Palace to live in Windsor.

“The brutal solution proposed by the King’s Counsels is that when Andrew moves to Frogmore, the Royal Lodge may become available to the Prince and Princess of Wales, who are working in full force for the monarchy,” says peerage expert Ingrid across from the Seward. woman.

According to the royal biographer and newspaper editor Majesty MagazineCharles is “well aware” that a lot of vacancies are scattered across the country, which “do not look good in these difficult times”. Speaking to The Mirror, Seward said the King had been warned “that he needs to save heavily and this is just the beginning”. Which could also affect the heir to William and his wife Kate in the future.

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