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Agencies withdraw Princess Kate's photo due to…

Agencies withdraw Princess Kate's photo due to…

This was supposed to be a liberation, an answer to the wild speculation about the princess. Now Kate's image threatens to become a PR disaster.

On Sunday, the palace published the first official photo of Princess Kate since her abdominal surgery in January. The occasion was British Mother's Day. Many international media outlets continued to publish the news as usual. Some of them have now withdrawn the photo of the princess and her children due to suspicions of tampering.

As the American Associated Press (AP) announced in the evening, after a detailed review concluded that it appeared to have been manipulated by the source “in a way that does not meet the standards of Associated Press photography.” The photo shows an “inconsistency” in the depiction of Princess Charlotte's left hand, according to the AP's justification for its retraction. Followed by Reuters and Agence France-Presse.

Failed editing attempt

The photo was actually intended as a release, after weeks of speculation about Kate's health. Now it threatens to become a public relations disaster. The British newspaper The Daily Telegraph published a headline next to the photo in its Monday issue: “Photo of the palace has been manipulated, agencies say.”

In the photo, Kate can be seen sitting on a lawn chair on a balcony surrounded by her children. She placed her feet crossed on the floor in front of her. Her arms are wrapped around the waist of her two youngest children, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5, who can be seen to her left and right. Charlotte sat with one leg on the armrest. Her eldest son, Prince George (10 years old), can be seen behind Kate. Kate smiles, and the kids seem really happy.

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The Palace X page said: “Thank you for your well wishes and continued support over the past two months. Wishing everyone a Happy Mother's Day.” The text is signed with a C for Catherine – indicating that she wrote the text herself. The photo was taken by Prince William, 41, the post said. (APA/Ed.)

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