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Air traffic disrupted over Germany: software problems with air traffic control

Air traffic disrupted over Germany: software problems with air traffic control

Aviation chaos made Germany firmly under control!

Technical problems at the Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) restricted air traffic over large parts of Germany on Wednesday. The reason is a software problem in the Langen control center, a spokeswoman for the Federal Corporation explained. A solution is being worked on. Until then, you can only fly a limited distance.

According to Fraport, even the entire European airspace is affected by turbulence. The airport operator announced on Wednesday that there were operational delays and sporadic flight cancellations in Frankfurt. Passengers must give sufficient time for their arrival and be at the check-in counter as soon as possible before departure. In addition, it is recommended to check the flight status in advance.

According to BILD information, Lufthansa had to cancel 44 flights at Frankfurt Airport alone. 5,600 passengers were affected.

► As of 8.45 am, a spokesperson for Munich Airport said when asked by BILD: “We currently have ten canceled flights.” Accordingly, the canceled routes relate to the links Munich – Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt and Munich – Düsseldorf.

According to DFS, operations should resume in the morning. Spokesperson Ute Otterbein for BILD: “The problem was identified at 8 am. During the morning period, there was a significant improvement in air traffic.”

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In the past few weeks, staff shortages at airports in Germany and other countries have led to chaos in the handling of passengers.

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DFS Center Langen controls the lower airspace in central Germany with important airports such as Dusseldorf, Cologne and Frankfurt.

The region extends from Kassel to Lake Constance and from the French border to Thuringia. Overflights are not affected because they are monitored by the Karlsruhe control center.