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News of a missile attack on the Ukrainian city of Dnipro

News of a missile attack on the Ukrainian city of Dnipro

Ukraine reports a new Russian missile attack. Dnipropetrovsk region governor Valentin Ritsnchenko said rescuers in the city of Dnipro searched for survivors under the rubble.

Parts of the railway infrastructure and an industrial building were damaged. The service company is also on fire. Meanwhile, Ukrainian and Russian forces continued to fight fiercely for control of the Lyschansk-Bakhmut road.

Progress blocked on Spurn

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, a Russian advance on the village of Spirn in the direction of the city of Seversk was repulsed on Tuesday. The disputed route is one of the few remaining supply routes to Lysychansk. The former city is the last major settlement in Luhansk region controlled by Ukrainian forces.

The General Staff said Lysichansk would continue to be hit by mortars and other artillery. Russian troops are already in the southern outskirts of the city. Representatives of pro-Russian separatists also reported fighting in the city. Communications in the neighboring Donetsk region have been under continuous Russian fire for days.

No territorial gains from the Russian side

According to this, the positions of the Ukrainian army are also under artillery attack in the Donetsk and Kharkiv regions. However, it is said that the Russian side did not make gains.

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