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Airbus A320neo is a new addition to Austrian Airlines

Airbus A320neo is a new addition to Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines announced the modernization of its fleet in the summer. At the end of the year, a breath of fresh air descended upon Vienna once again.

After a successful fiscal year 2023, Lufthansa's Austrian subsidiary Austrian Airlines has announced an almost complete overhaul of its fleet. About half of the machines are scheduled to be replaced with modern aircraft by 2030. After more than 16 years of hiatus, the ambitious project has begun. Acquisition of the first A320neo aircraft In September 2022. Yesterday, the airline was able to take delivery of its fifth new Airbus A320neo aircraft, as stated in the official press release.

More comfort Short and medium term

What a crowning end to the year. Austrian Airlines is currently on the rise. As they say, the modernization of their fleet is well underway, and another new Airbus A320neo landed in Vienna yesterday, just in time for the end of the year. With the LZR registration, the aircraft expands the Lufthansa subsidiary's fleet on short and medium-haul flights. On December 29, at around 11:46 a.m., the “New Year’s Baby” landed in the Austrian capital fresh from the Airbus factory in Toulouse.

The new addition comes fresh from the Airbus factory in Toulouse

There is not much time for the young pilot to arrive. With the Austrian livery, the first guests should be able to enjoy the comfort of the new Airbus as early as spring. The aircraft, named Theatal, adds the fifth model to the A320neo, which has already brought four aircraft to Vienna between August 2022 and July 2023. The A320neo is more economical and equipped with the latest engine technology, consuming 20 percent less fuel than its predecessors.

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Naturally, the airline's COO, Francesco Sciortino, is also excited about the growth:

The arrival of our fifth A320neo aircraft is a great end to the year for Austrian Airlines and a gift for our passengers, who can look forward to greater comfort when traveling on board. Austrian Airlines will modernize its short- and medium-haul fleet as well as its long-haul fleet in the coming years. The use of modern, fuel-efficient aircraft, combined with the use of sustainable fuels, is the greatest lever to achieve our ambitious climate goals.

Statement from Francesco Sciortino, Chief Operating Officer, Austrian Airlines

180 seats

The new addition provides space for 180 passengers. With thin sidewalls and a modern Airspace cabin, you can look forward to more comfort and freedom in your seat on the plane. The seats are roomier and there will also be more storage space for hand luggage. What else is new? The lighting system will definitely amaze you. Depending on the time of day, the cabin and bathrooms can be showered in shades of red and blue.

Conclusion on the Airbus A320neo acquisition of Austrian Airlines

You can consider it a great end to the year or an early gift to start the year at Austrian Airlines. Shortly before the start of the year, the Lufthansa subsidiary once again showed how serious it is about the continuous modernization of its fleet and has now taken delivery of its fifth Airbus A320neo aircraft in Vienna. The latest model – fresh from the Airbus factory in Toulouse – will also offer space for 180 passengers on short and medium-haul flights within a few weeks.

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Our advice: If you want to be among the first to fly, search for Airbus A320neo destinations and LZR ID on the Austrian Airlines website.


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