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On the first anniversary of “Rettenswert” there is a comeback » Leadersnet

On the first anniversary of “Rettenswert” there is a comeback » Leadersnet

| Editorial Board

| October 16, 2023

The collaboration between Hofer and Unverschwendet began a year ago.

Hofer and Unverschwendet have been working together for a year. The goal of the “Rettenswert” brand is to give food a second chance. Surpluses that don’t even reach the grocery store or households are processed into produce. Temporary balance after one year: Hofer customers have been able to discover 19 different products made with salvaged ingredients on the shelf since October 21, 2022. The number of food items saved is also very significant: since the launch of the collaboration, more than 500 tons of food have already been saved .

Sustainability standards

Rettenswert products must also meet sustainability standards in other areas, including a ban on tropical oils and soybeans from South America, animal welfare standards and support of the Hof Packaging Mission, which aims to ensure more sustainable packaging.

Pink Ribbon Campaign in aid of the Austrian Cancer Aid Society

This year, we once again became an official partner of the Pink Ribbon campaign, including a “worth saving” product: beetroot pesto aimed at raising awareness about breast cancer prevention and early detection. A portion of the proceeds from each mug purchased will go to the Emergency Relief Fund to help cancer patients.

Fall collection from “Rettenwert”

In the autumn range since October 6, there are again three types of carrot sauce (about 1.99 euros). The curried sweet potato and carrot spread is also back in the Hove branches (for €1.79). Cucumbers that are too big for a regular jar get a second chance when they are sliced ​​like cucumbers (for €1.49). The vegetable soup is also back in two versions with carrot, ginger and sweet potato (for €2.39). The crunchy muesli, which first appeared on shelves at the end of August, is still available (leadersnet mentioned).

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