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AK Tirol tells: Roaming charges in cost and PO box trap

AK Tirol tells: Roaming charges in cost and PO box trap

Just in time for the summer holidays, the Tyrolean Business Chamber offers information about the roaming cost trap. AKP experts know how to surf the Internet safely and make phone calls on vacation.

Tyrol. Basically, Austrian mobile phone providers are automated cost limits Advance from 60 to 120 euros. Although you can opt out of this, the Chamber of Action strongly advises against doing so. In addition, when traveling abroad or when the mobile device connects to a non-terrestrial network on a ship or plane, message automatically via SMSwhich lists costs for calls, SMS or data roaming.

Find out about package deals before you go on holiday

In most tariffs in one comprehensive package They already contain a certain amount of minutes, SMS or data units. In principle, these units should also be usable in every other EU country under the same conditions as in Austria. Only in the case of individual approval by the regulatory authority, mobile phone service providers may exclude roaming services in part or in whole or charge additional fees, which must be communicated to you in the contract. To be on the safe side, before you start your trip, ask your mobile service provider if additional costs (roaming surcharges) will be incurred in your vacation country.

Data roaming in the European Union

who in European Union – as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway – On the move, the so-called EU roaming regulations apply: under the motto “Roam like at home”, a mobile phone can be used under almost the same conditions as in Austria. Same thing applies here, though To be informed of any additional costs prior to the start of the trip And always check your current bill status online during the holiday to avoid surprises.
Caution: “Roam Like Home” only applies to temporary trips abroad! The use of mobile services outside Austria must not exceed the local usage, otherwise additional charges may apply.

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countries outside the European Union

Data roaming tariffs Countries outside the European Union (such as Turkey, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Great Britain, Switzerland, etc.) It is sometimes very loud. One megabyte (megabyte) can be charged 10, 20 or even 35 euros, because providers are free in their pricing here.

So one holiday photo can be uploaded quickly, for example for 40 euros, consuming 1 gigabyte (GB) even thousands of euros! So: leave the wanderingsIt is best to completely block the functionality for countries outside the European Union through your mobile service provider Or inquire about cheap travel time package deals.

consider it Great Britain It left the European Union on February 1, 2020 and has been a non-EU country ever since. However, there are some providers who do not charge any additional fees for accommodation in Great Britain. Inquire if and what costs will be charged.

Beware of active mailboxes!

If you don’t answer a call abroad and it’s diverted to voicemail, this can lead to higher costs – especially in non-EU countries. Your presence Pay for the call received and then transfer from abroad to your mobile phone box in Austria. Turning off your mobile phone alone is useless – to be on the safe side, turn off call forwarding to your mobile mailbox!

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