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The lovable Pop Bear performs with the tour finale in Vienna

The lovable Pop Bear performs with the tour finale in Vienna

Rea Garvey's new album 'Halo' won't be released until mid-September this year, but the Irishman has already been on the extensive 'Halo Arena Tour' – and celebrated the famous live finale at the Wiener Stadthalle on Saturday night. Europe's most beloved pop bear was as energetic as ever and spreading good vibes and the best vibes with his songs – old and new.

Garvey turned 51 on Friday – so in Vienna there were a bouquet of flowers and a birthday song from the audience – but he is so agile on stage that he also carries the little ones with him. And he has enough songs that work really well: the opening track, “Feel Like the Ocean,” set the pace right away. The Irishman conveys vividly in every movement and in every sentence that he is always directly with his fans – in fact in the city hall, because he was able to dance his way down two semicircular aisles from the main stage to the center of the audience.

And of course, the show also included new songs from the new album “Halo”, such as “A New Day Tomorrow”, “Beautiful Life”, and “Perfect In My Eyes” – all of which are performed live. This is certainly because, like all of Rea Garvey's songs, it is highly recognizable without rehashing previous hits. The 51-year-old performed “Halo” with his daughter, Amour. There was only one solemn moment that evening: when Rhea Garvey sang “Dirty Old Town” as a guitar solo, with a huge portrait of the late Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan as the stage backdrop.

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Garvey then quickly went into the finale, introducing her with his hit song “Can't Say No.” During the hit song “Wild Love,” Rhea Garvey guided his mesmerized fans from the bridge in the middle of the hall. What they couldn't see: When they left the stage at the end of the song, a friendly stage hand was already waiting for the Irishman with a fresh beer – who was clearly in need of that isotonic post-concert thirst quencher.

Of course there was an encore set — and of course the first song was the smash hit from Garvey's former band Reamonn, “Supergirl.” By the way, the Irishman has a special piece of music ready for the end of his shows: the song “End of Show”… but although this was the actual end of the concert in the Stadthalle, it was not actually the end of the show. evening. Because the fans left City Hall charged with a huge dose of positive Garvey energy. As a popular artist, you have already achieved a lot.

(By Werner Möllner/APA)