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AKA team achieved two wins and a draw against LASK

AKA team achieved two wins and a draw against LASK

Admira U15 vs LASK U15 4:3 (4:1)

Comment from coach Alexander Bellinger:

The Upper Austria team was a very tough opponent, showing a very high level of intensity on the pitch against the ball and were very ambitious and tried to open the game from the back when they had the ball. This intensity caused us problems in the first minutes of the match, and LASK started better and took the lead in the second minute. However, parity was achieved shortly afterwards via a standard position.

After about 15 minutes of play, we were able to adapt better to the opponent’s style of play and gain more control of the match. The match took place mainly in LASK’s half of the stadium. They tried to build constantly, we pressed high and had a lot of possession. Two of them also led to goals. Shortly before the half-time whistle we were able to increase the lead to 4:1, Timo Schiesler scoring his third goal of the match, and his second with a header from a free kick.

The pace of the match calmed down a little in the second half, but the match did not end despite the team leading by three clean goals. LASK quickly reduced the score to 4: 2. Both teams repeatedly made dangerous moves, but were unable to capitalize on them. It was a balanced match, and then it became very exciting again when the Upper Austria team managed to reduce the score to 4:3 from a penalty kick. But they were no longer able to score the equalizer.

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1:1 Schisler (9.)

2:1 Ezekiah (30.)

3:1 Schisler (32)

4:1 Schisler (40.)

Lined up:

Softic. Zedek, Živković (69. Žižević), Mustafa, Islamaj (59. Klein); Seidl (Toca 69), Steyrer, Sikelski; Schisler (59. Ishchenko), Isic (65. Zipper), Vollenhofer

Admira U16 vs LASK U16 4:2 (3:0)

Coach Thilo Morbitzer’s comment:

After the intense derby against St. Pölten, we were able to produce another great performance just 4 days later!

As the game got underway, our boys left no doubt as to who they wanted to take over. The tactical guidelines against the ball and possession were implemented in an impressive manner. The team has become more dangerous, yet remains stable on the ball, especially in remaining defence.

It was deservedly 3-0 at the break.

In the second half, we praised the high pressing of the week, but in the end we achieved an easy win 4-2.

I can renew the praise from Tuesday today as we look forward to the top match against Austria next week!


1:0 Djurdjevic (24th place)

2:0 Al-Hashimi (40.)

3:0 Djordjevic (45.)

4:1 Al-Husseini (60th place)

Lined up:

Rosenberg, Feglitner (Jaganjak 75), Varivoda (Kalinc 67), Czepi-Esselbok, Berisha (Haubenfüllner 62), Hashemi, Galitia, D., Galitia, B. (Savic 62), Wallner (Al-Husseini 62), Djordjevic, Ilbel (75. Blazanovic)

Admira U18 vs LASK U18 2:2 (1:2)

Comment from coach Harald Suchard:

We played very well in the game from the beginning and were able to impose our style on LASK in the first minutes. Very confident on the ball, we repeatedly advanced dangerously in front of goal, and thanks to a beautiful move from the side, which was the focus of our training this week, we took a 1-0 lead through Olsa. We were able to keep up the pressure and thus gained an advantage in the match. Because of the double blow, we were suddenly 1-2 down and it was actually against the run of the game at that stage.

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The team gathered courage and strength during the break because it was clear in the first half that we were capable of turning the score around. So we entered the second half with strength and courage and got a score of 2-2. This was preceded by a nice movement with the play deep, where Llorent could only be stopped by a foul in the penalty area. Steiner definitely converted. Both teams did not give in to each other and so the match continued very intensely with a good technical/tactical level. Both teams could have won the match, but the final score remained fair 2-2. Big shout out to my team because they gave everything they had, especially physically.


1:0 OLSA (7.)

2:2 Steiner (51.)

Lined up:

Lembeck, Juric (Varivoda 83), Schoene, Aigner, Nela (K), Kojovic (60 Bradarek), Steiner (Sositz 75), Djordjevic K. (75 Herzog), Llorent, Olsa, Vasic (Urgler 83).