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Prince William and Kate Middleton: Expert: A planned move - because of Andrew

Prince William and Kate Middleton: Expert: A planned move – because of Andrew

The British royal family is said to be on the move. Because Cambridge are looking to be close to the Queen.

recently announced that Queen Elizabeth II (95) the same Retreat to Windsor Castle He wants and will not be at Buckingham Palace. As a royal expert said on, they should now too Prince William (39) and Duchess Kate (40, née Middleton) plans to move.

Emotional shot: Watch the video above as Prince William and Duchess Kate return from their Caribbean trip.

Cambridge: They want to be close to the Queen

According to the source, Cambridge also wants to move to Windsor over the summer and so is no longer commuting between his country residence Anmer Hall in Norfolk and Kensington Palace as usual.

There are many options for their stay on the property – according to insiders, however, the family does not want to live directly in the castle and has already considered other accommodations.

Prince Andrew: He’s very close to the Queen

One might suspect that Prince William and his wife would want to get close to the 95-year-old because of the Queen’s health issues. But according to reports, the couple is more concerned about that Prince Andrew He (62) may spend a lot of time with the Queen – he’s alive Close to Windsor Castle at the Royal Lodge. And it is precisely this closeness that appears to be a problem for some members of the British royal family.

Already in memory Prince Philip († 99) must especially Prince William and Prince Charles (73) Anything but enthusiasm But Prince Andrew had brought the Queen into the church and stood by her in the spotlight. Because after allegations of abuse and Out of court settlement with Virginia Joffrey (38) Prince Andrew has lost the support of his family.

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If it is up to his older brother Prince Charles and his son Prince William, so should Prince Andrew in the future He no longer attends a royal event – Even on the Queen’s 70th jubilee in June 2022, some members of The Company would not have liked to see him.

This is what Prince William and other members of The Company fear.

Prince Andrew was on the heels of an abuse scandal He lost his military titles and royal patronage. He was banned from the first row of the royal family. The fact that he can now be so close to his mother in Windsor Castle “unattended” seems to worry some, as the source revealed: “He lives next door and is always there for her.” During the lockdown, the family was also very happy that Andrew “was always there”.

But now the situation is different. He fears the 62-year-old will use his proximity to the king as a “stepping stone to return to public life”. And after the past few months, in the eyes of some of his family, it seems he has no right to ever come back. Just his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson (62) He still seems to be standing by him and by his side to defend him.

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