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Alan Parsons - From the New World

Alan Parsons – From the New World

As Alan Parsons in 2019, after a decade and a half on a break”the secret“He came out, the abduction was great. With this year’s ‘From the New World’, this applies above all to a certain sudden effect, because only three years later, a new material appeared from the master.

While the creativity accumulated over 15 years fully unfolds its more complex predecessor, From the New World is not a homage to Antonin Dvorak’s Ninth Symphony, but merely a collection – albeit with great taste – of self-quotations. “I Won’t Get Lost” borrows starkly from “Comfortable Numb” (Pink Floyd, 1979), and with “Be My Baby” Parsons covers a rune hit from his youth. The direction of other songs more closely corresponds to the majestic pop-rock, skillfully enriched with elements of symphonic and progressive style. Ironically, this includes a song called “The Secret” that could easily be mistaken for the missing title track of a conceptually more elaborate former longtime player.

A musician born in the 1940s is allowed to look in the rearview mirror. More so when the staging turned out to be top notch again. A host of distinguished studios, instrumentalists, and singers arrive with company power, and masters like JOE BONAMASSA and Tommy Shaw (STYX) pay homage to the guests. Nothing new from the gourmet kitchen, aka ParSonic’s Recording Studio, but on the other hand, it tastes as good as ever.

classification: 4.0 / 5.0

author: sandy (08/29/2022)

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