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“The Funeral” by Mark Carnall |  sa |  02 03 2024 |  02:00

“The Funeral” by Mark Carnall | sa | 02 03 2024 | 02:00

Mark Carnall won the Ö1 Audience Award for The Wedding in 2022. Like its predecessor, The Funeral is written in syllabic rhymes throughout. The venue is the funeral ceremony for the late magnate Walter List. Family and companions gather at an idyllic provincial cemetery to pay their last respects to the recently deceased. But controversy is inevitable: the millionaire is said to have recently changed his will and disinherited his two children. As if that wasn't enough, a wine-loving priest and his stoned grandchildren finally turn the funeral into a fiasco.

Christoph Griezmann once again acts as narrator. Michaela Bilgeri, Reinhold J. Moritz, Sarah Victoria Fricke and Martin Fischer can be heard in other roles.


You can also listen to “The Funeral – The Chronicle of a Disastrous Funeral Service” by Mark Carnall on the Ö1 Binaural podcast; When listened to with headphones, this creates a particularly spatial listening impression.
You can find the binaural link at




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