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Kitzbühel: Prices for "Rubicon" and "Lauterbach", before that there was a lot of discussion

Kitzbühel: Prices for “Rubicon” and “Lauterbach”, before that there was a lot of discussion

According to the organiser, there was also a lot of jubilation to and from director Lucas Sturm, who took home the Best Documentary Award for “Dad, Prince.” Meanwhile, the director’s award went to Clara Stern for her “Breaking Ice” mother. Lenny Gruber and Alex Reinberg were able to celebrate with the award for Best Short Film for their movie “Hollywood”. The jury was full of praise for “Deng”: the documentary by Pascal Egli and Aurelio Ghirardelli was awarded the Best Documentary Short Film award.

Young people also got their money’s worth: at the event in front of 200 spectators at the movie theater, which was moderated by star Johannes B. Kerner, Mark Gerstdorfer was delighted to receive the Austrian Young Talent Award for his film “Hidden Frontier.” In keeping with the landscape of the festival site, “Gerwentil” – the historical name of the Karwendel Mountains – was awarded “Best Tyrol Short Film.” The audience voted for “Das Neue Normal”, the new Styria production by independent producers Oliver Haas and Stefan Müller. The Kitzbühel Film Festival was held on August 22 in Jamesstadt, which is mainly associated with skiing.

An overview of the award winners:

Best Feature Film: “Carajita”
Best Austrian Production: “Rubicon”
Best Documentary Film: “My Father the Prince”
Best Austrian Production: “Rubicon”
Best Short Film: “Hollywood”
Best Documentary Short Film: “Ding”
Austrian Young Talent Award: “The Invisible Border”
Best Tyrol Short Film: “Gerwentil”
Audience Award: “The New Ordinary”