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Alan Wake 2: The best video game song of the year now has a music video

Alan Wake 2: The best video game song of the year now has a music video

One admires the long-awaited second part of the story about the best-selling author and his lamplighter Alan Wake (test) Yes, think what you want, but there is a point in the game that probably surprised everyone. Now Remedy is raising the bar and bringing you probably the best song in a video game this year, including the music video. Absolute spoiler warning at this point! If you haven’t played Alan Wake 2 yet but want to catch up on the last one (which you definitely should), a moderate spoiler is coming for you. So maybe you don’t necessarily want to read.

During the fourth act, “We Sing,” of Alan’s story, you can navigate and shoot your way through the Alan Wake musical. The Poets of the Fall or their in-game counterparts the Old Gods of Asgards provide the soundtrack with the Herald of Darkness, while Alan and talk show host Mr. Door about the life of the protagonist and all its stages. The whole thing is visually accompanied by dance performances by Wake actor Ilkka Fili, David Harewood as Mr. Door and Sam Leake in his star turn as Sam Leake.

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The scenery in the game comes as a big surprise, as music wasn’t that important until then. Additionally, the video walls, light shows, and loud music make for one of the most memorable scenes in video game history. “Herald of Darkness” is available now on all subscription platforms or on YouTube with the music video. Earworm guaranteed!

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