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Alicia Silverstone Banned From Dating App - Twice

Alicia Silverstone Banned From Dating App – Twice

American actress Alicia Silverstone He claims that he had difficulties finding love in the past. “A few years ago,” like normal humans, she went looking for a partner on a dating app — and was promptly fired.

The 45-year-old said on a colleague’s talk show, “I created a fake profile because I didn’t feel comfortable yet showing my true identity. But I got banned.” Drew Barrymore. Then I tried again. Because I heard that you (Barrymore) are also there (on the app), and Sharon Stone Moreover. So I thought, ‘If you can do this, I can do that too’. And so I took all my courage and planned a date with someone. And on the same day we decided when and where we would meet, I was blocked again. Poor boy, that’s why I got kicked out of myself.”

in good company

A fate also known by Sharon Stone, whom he named Silverstone. Users also thought their profile on dating app Bumble was fake and reported it, said the actress, who went down in movie history with the erotic thriller “Basic Instinct.” Then Bumble banned her user account. “Some users reported it couldn’t be me,” the 63-year-old wrote on Twitter. “Oh bumble, is it the exclusion criterion for being me? Don’t exclude me from the beehive.” Bumble invites its user community to a beehive.

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