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The developers provide insight into the future of the game

The developers provide insight into the future of the game

from Julius Cal
The development team behind Valheim has written a new blog post describing current work and internal developments. Not only is the studio currently working on a major update, which mainly introduces the lively Mistland, but smaller innovations are already in the starting blocks.

Valheim is still very popular a few months after the original release so it’s no surprise that the developers are constantly working on developing more survival titles. For example, the team created a new blog post that addresses several updates in the future.

Walheim: Players expect these updates

In the future, the development team would like to focus less on building homes and amenities and more on adventure and discovery. Recently, there has been a lot of experimentation with the new terrain and textures of the Mist Lands. These new features will be part of the biome’s next major update. However, the developers also suggest that the screenshots shown in the blog are not yet compatible with the final version. So there are still many changes here. In addition, it is still unclear what the implementation of the new biome would mean for already existing worlds.

In addition to the major biosphere update, we’re also working on smaller things that might come up before that. In this way, the mountains should provide more space for discovery and, in general, become more interesting. Also here, the developers show the first screenshots, which can capture well the new atmosphere of mountain caves. By the way, Halloween fans can look forward to the glowing turnip carved into the shape of a typical Halloween pumpkin. In the end, the development team is very confident in Valheim’s further course of work.

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