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Fäaschtbänkler – “Painting ranges from Oberkrainer to Timmy Trumpet”

Fäaschtbänkler – “Painting ranges from Oberkrainer to Timmy Trumpet”

How do you feel a few hours before the big party?

Roman Wottrich: At the moment, this size has not yet been modified. But sometimes I think it would be much nicer if you didn’t play it seven times in your head, but if you start playing in the evening, then you will really be amazed and amazed at this audience. I love this moment that I can experience as a surprise.

Have you looked at the rest of the frequency group, what’s still good for you there?

Roman Wottrich: Imagine Dragons is really cool, it’s really crazy how many songs you know from it. And the major is a great singer.

What are the funniest moments of the festival for you? on stage or in the audience

Andrew Frye: We once organized a morning pint at Woodstock for the brass band.

Wuthrich: We had a concert and camped there and then announced that if you wanted you could come the next morning. Then some came and there was a real party.

If someone told you 15 years ago, you’re playing on indecision. What did you say

free: We should have rehearsed more of the program.

Can you remember your first festival where you were a guest?

Wuthrich: It was in St. Gallen, when we were almost still schoolchildren. It was his own mood, his own feeling.

You also planned the 2028 festival, Grenzlandfäascht yourself, do you want to reveal anything about that?

Pizza: We already had our 10 year anniversary party on Fäaschtbänkler in 2018 and it was so much fun that we said we would make the effort and do it again for our 20th anniversary. But since it’s still so far away, nothing else is planned. It sure will be great.

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St. Polten is a city of 60,000 people, so if someone says it’s ok I want to start a band and go bigger, what would you advise them?

Pizza: do not lose dreams. What we’ve done is not to pursue a goal or pursue something specific, but keep working with joy and take what comes. Play for people, not just yourself.

What kind of musical experiences will still appeal to you?

free: duet with Helen Fisher (the rest laughs)

Is brass fusion in vogue, what’s coming, and what’s staying?

Pizza: We hope so in Germany and Austria already. Not much in Switzerland, but hopefully that will come.

What are your musical inspirations?

Pizza: We are all very broad. We all hear a lot, not all of us like a lot and that’s why we have a very wide range that we then offer on stage. From Oberkrainern to Timmy Trumpet that’s enough.

How do you not get caught on tour?

Bizio: Well, we were allowed to grow in it. With us there has never been such an explosion, where everything was so big, and then suddenly you had to sit together for a long time and get along with each other, but it grew steadily. As well as the relationship with each other and knowing how to treat each other.

Wüthrich: It’s like a fixed stake we have here on the bus. Like right now, you’re on this bus from Wednesday evening to Sunday morning and everyone needs their place and back off somewhere. You have a very small room with a curtain, and this is your private room.

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What’s the coolest thing about touring?

Graber: Yeah, it’s a bit like a trip, you’re outside and almost every day you make a little bit of music.

Where do you absolutely want to play?

Pizzio: Wacken.

Free: with Helen Fisher

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