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#Allesdichtmachen - journalists for ARD and ZDF are so one-sided that the action is against - domestic politics

#Allesdichtmachen – journalists for ARD and ZDF are so one-sided that the action is against – domestic politics

The legal mandate for public broadcasters ARD and ZDF is clear: “They have to give viewers and listeners Full And the balanced Providing information, education, culture and entertainment. “

Little has remained in the actor’s #allesdichtmachen campaign.

BILD gives examples

► After the WDR broadcaster called out Jan Josef Liefers (56) over Twitter, the actor was called in to clarify the matter through his “Tatort” station: In “Current Hour” he has to justify himself to the group WDR.

In the report before the interview, the procedure was criticized so hard that the viewer would know. The media scientist and filmmaker settle accounts with the actors. The “Right-wing Networks, Corona Deniers and the Alternative for Germany” were named as the only positive voices in their videos.

Coordinator Martin von Mauchwitz (59) opened the conversation with Leavers: “We bothered with you today. A huge team has worked here for 14 months (…) to provide as much information as possible about the epidemic. You came today, like a colleague on a development report.” In the world, she says: “Everything has been set in fine and is disturbing…” He was disappointed with Livers!

After Livres made it clear that he had never used the Nazi word “simultaneous”, which the medium had put in his mouth several times, followed by an interview “Tell me where you stand.” When asked a question, the actor feels that he remembers a situation in the GDR.

A rare ray of light from the diversity of opinions in #allesdichtmachen’s public broadcast: ARD presenter George Restel (56) comments that “some of the reactions to this action go beyond” and speak of a “new spirit of the topic” (then colleague Mauschwitz reprimanded on Twitter).

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Guillotine by ZDF Presenter Yve Fehring (48, “nano” / 3sat) without explanation: “provocation”.

► “HueT Magazine Update” says in brown and white: “There is applause from the Alternative for Germany party, and from those who deny Corona, the critics simply regard the videos as sarcastic and irresponsible.”

► “Kulturzeit” (ZDF / 3sat) knows about Corona fight mission of culture: “Will the art campaign (…) somehow increase us in the face of this crisis?” As if this was the task of art and culture. .

► Marietta Slumka (52) uses her introduction to flawlessly comment on a “heute journal” (ZDF). She adds, saying that all the Corona discussions “somehow exceeded 53 known German actors and actresses, more or less.”

Sven Schultz (41 years), president of the Christian Democratic Union in Saxony-Anhalt, on BILD: “It is important for some journalists in the public media to see that their own evaluation of the message is more important than an impartial report on the actual message. Neutrality is different. Journalists should not influence People’s opinions are one-sided, especially when it comes to such sensitive topics, “Scholes continued.