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Alpine ALPENGLOW HY4, the future is now

Alpine ALPENGLOW HY4, the future is now

Spa, this morning. Visvis the Eau Rouge, one of the most traditional lanes in the racing world. This is exactly where you can touch the future for the first time, at least the Alpine future. The car that is more than that is a concept in which vision and reality approach each other in a way that is hopeful and lives the need of the hour, namely openness to technology.

Before us is the completely new Alpine Alpenglow Hy4. This is not a pure concept car, but a real practical concept car designed like a race car with its carbon fiber monocoque and 340-horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo engine. It follows the Alpenglow concept car, which Alpine presented at the Paris Motor Show in 2022 as a statement of the brand's future direction in sustainable design and innovation. The “mother of all future Alpine models” embodied the brand’s current level of sophistication in hydrogen-powered combustion engines. These offer high performance potential for road and motorsport and are consistent with Alpine's ambitious decarbonisation targets. With the Alpine Alpenglow Hy4, Alpine launches the next stage of development and demonstrates a mobile test laboratory.

Following the on-track presentation on May 10, the Alpine Alpenglow Hy4 will make its debut in front of more than 70,000 fans on May 11 before the 6 Hours of Spa.

According to Alpine, the race provides an ideal opportunity to demonstrate to the motorsport-loving public how sound can be maintained as an essential part of the magic of a race car with a hydrogen-powered combustion engine. The Alpenglow Hy4 will also appear in test rides during the 24 Hours of Le Mans on June 14, a “home run” so to speak.

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Alpenglow? The name symbolizes “the glowing light on mountaintops before sunrise as a symbol of the dawn of a new day.” (Alpine quote).

Bruno Famin, Vice President of Alpine Motorsports, appeals at Spa to embrace the theme of openness to technology: “As part of our commitment to zero-carbon motorsport, we see the hydrogen combustion engine as a very promising solution. Hydrogen will be an important step in the decarbonisation of future generations of long-distance cars and perhaps also in Formula 1. The Alpenglow Hy4 illustrates this perfectly. A true technological laboratory for developing the hydrogen engines of tomorrow.