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Alpine skiing: Landing marks ÖSV composite medal – Beijing 2022

Alpine skiing: Landing marks ÖSV composite medal – Beijing 2022

Olympic slalom champion Petra Vlova of Slovakia has already left the Winter Games with a tendinitis in her left ankle. Among the contenders for the Swiss medal are Michel Gesin (2018 Olympic champion) and Wendy Holdner, Seppenhofer has the best chances from an Austrian point of view, having finished fourth in the 2019 World Cup, fifth in the 2021 World Cup and seventh in the 2018 Olympic Games.

In order to get a good starting position for the slalom, Seppenhofer said, she will definitely have to make a better landing than on Tuesday. “Because I won’t catch two seconds in the slalom. But I still have a chance and I hope it will be a better result.” She needs two hands to count slalom days, which is more than the other sprinters at speed. “But there is not much. However, I feel comfortable on the slalom skis. A lot is possible, but I have to do it on a slope.”

Invoices are finally prepared

Women’s racing director Christian Mitter noted that no one has counted Alexander Aamodt Kelde and James Crawford as the combined medal winners behind Johannes Strolls. “It’s a classic day, as is often the case in technical majors, where you fight for every hundred for a whole day. Because at the end of the day, a lot of people are standing there and thinking, ‘Wow, I’m only four tenths of a medal, I wouldn’t have thought of that’ This happens over and over again.”

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A surprise that cannot be ruled out for women’s coach Christian Mitter

For Scheyer, this would be his only Olympic race after failing to qualify for downhill (“he was furious”). “I’m going to eliminate mistakes, and race more so I can clearly attack.” “But it goes a lot further. I would struggle to run subtly, but a fair run with some combination is fine. Of course I should hope to use my incline potential.”

Hopper stifles expectations

The signs are the opposite for Hopper, for whom descent means “challenge,” but she thinks it’s low, which is basically a good thing. She was allowed to use the long rod set from her teammate Siebenhofer. Whatever the starting point, it has nothing to lose in the slalom slalom. Campers around Schwerin will mark the route, so some difficulty is to be expected. For the American, it’s about avoiding the number zero in China, after failing in the giant slalom and slalom slalom, finishing ninth in Super-G and 18th in the downhill.

Technician Huber has not yet taken part in the World Cup group, at the 2021 World Cup in Cortina she took 13th place, and at the end of March she took 5th and 4th places in the national championship and in the FIS race. “In the World Cup, it was a merger with Super-G. It’s better for me to go down, because I can go down twice beforehand. In terms of expectations, it’s difficult because I don’t know where I stand.” Nicole Hosp won the last medal for Austria in 2014 with the silver.

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